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  • microgreen seed packets3 packs of sprout seeds
  • seeds delivered to your doorSeeds delivered to your door
  • variety of microgreensA variety of seeds every month
  • grow microgreens at homeGrow fresh sprouts at home
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Free sprout starter kit included when you join Sprouts Box for three months.

A variety of greens

seedexample1Protein Powerhouse Sprout Mix
Bean Salad SproutsBean Salad Sprouting Mix
Lentil Salad SproutsCrunchy Lentil Fest Salad Mix
3 Part Salad Sprouts3 Part Salad Sprouting Mix
5-Part-Salad-Sprouting-Mix-5 Part Salad Sprouting Mix
Alfalfa SproutsAlfalfa Sprouting Seed
Green Pea SproutsGreen Pea Sprouting Seed
Clover-Sprouting-SeedClover Sprouting Seed
Green Lentil SproutsGreen Lentil Sprouting Seed
Daikon Radish SproutsDaikon Radish Sprout Seed
Mung Bean SproutsMung Bean Sprouting Seed
Garbanzo-Sprouting-SeedsSeed varieties always changing

Receive 3 seed packs with every shipment. Varieties rotate every month.

How to grow sprouts

Grow sprouts in a jar without a lid. Any jar will work fine, but we suggest a wide mouth jar so the sprouts can be removed without a hassle.

Scoop 2-4 tablespoons of sprout seeds into the jar. Use less seeds for smaller seeds, and more seeds for larger seeds.

Fill the jar with 4 parts water to 1 part seeds. Soak the seeds for 8-12 hours before draining the water. Use less time for smaller seeds, and more time for larger seeds. Use a screen to drain water without spilling seeds.

Cover the jar opening with a towel, and put the jar inside a refrigerator. This is where the sprouts will grow. Leave the jar lid off while sprouts are growing.

Rinse with sprouts 3-4 times a day with water. The sprouts will be ready to eat in 3-7 days. Expose to light one day before eating for green color.

Put a lid on the jar when the sprouts are grown to preserve freshness. Refrigerate when sprouted for longer shelf life.

Learn how to grow sprouts

  • Sprouting Tips
  • Empty seed pack in to a jar.
  • Fill jar with 4 parts water to 1 part seeds.
  • Soak for 8-12 hours before draining.
  • Cover jar opening with a towel.
  • Put inside refrigerator to grow.
  • Leave the jar lid off while sprouts are growing.
  • Rinse 3-4 times a day.
  • Will be ready to eat in 3-7 days.
  • Expose to light one day before eating for green color.

Free shipping on all orders


  • FAQs About Sprouting
  • What are sprouts?
    Sprouts are seeds that sprout into young plants. Some sprouts are edible and full of nutrients.
    How to grow sprouts?
    Follow our instructions on how to grow sprouts.
    What types of sprouts can I eat?
    Many plant sprouts can be eaten. Most vegetable plants we already eat can be eaten as sprouts. For example, broccoli, green peas, and daikon radish can all be eaten as sprouts. All sprouts in our seed packs are edible.
    How long does it take sprouts to grow?
    Usually 4-8 days. It depends on the type of seed.
    What can I grow sprouts in?
    Mason jars are good for sprouting seeds, and are usually available. Any open container will work. Let sprouts grow in the refrigerator.
  • FAQs About Club
  • Is this a subscription?
    Yes, Sprouts Box is a subscription service. Members pay $10 a month for sprout seeds delivered directly to their house. Payments are automated.
    When will I receive my first order?
    You will receive your first order a few days after the order date.
    How often will I receive deliveries?
    Members receive a delivery every month. Usually 30 days since your last delivery.
    What arrives in each delivery?
    3 packs of seeds and instructions on growing sprouts.
    How do I cancel?
    Log in to your account, go to http://sproutsbox.com/my-account/subscriptions, select your order, and click cancel.

Types of sprouting plants

  • Green Pea
  • Mung Bean
  • Broccoli
  • Radish
  • Garbanzo
  • Adzuki
  • Alfalfa
  • Clover
  • Blue French Lentil
  • Red Lentil
  • Green Lentil