Sprouts starter kit

Only $8.00 per month

An outdoor wedding kit to survive any weather. Beat the sun and bugs with this wedding kit.

  • final-4White Chalk
  • final-4Sunscreen
  • final-4Bug Spray
  • final-4Sunglasses
  • final-4Burt’s Bees Chapstick
  • final-4Advil
  • final-45-hour Energy
  • final-4Mouth Wash
  • final-4Kleenex Tissues
  • final-4Fashion Tape
  • final-4Lint Roller
  • final-4Dental Floss Picks
  • final-4Tide to Go Pen
  • final-4Deodorant
  • final-4Band-Aids
  • final-4Tampons
  • final-4Nail Clippers
  • final-4Clif Energy Bar
  • final-4Clear Nail Polish
  • final-4Nail File
  • final-4Tic Tacs
  • final-4Safety Pins
  • final-4Bobby Pins
  • final-4Benadryl

A kit for outdoor weddings!

Having an outdoor wedding? Then you need to make sure your bridesmaids are ready for any weather. Bugs, sun, and other natural elements might try to put a pain on your wedding.

Prepare for an outdoor wedding with an outdoor survival kit, full of products that make outdoor events a breeze.


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