Sprouts Class

Our sprouts class is a hands-on lesson in sprouting seeds to eat. Attendees learn about sprouts, eat sprouts, and make a container of sprouts to grow at home. The sprouts class is inclusive, and welcome to all ages. This class has been hosted by a variety of venues like Public Libraries, and is available to hire for your venue.

What happens in the sprouts class?

The Sprouts Class comes in three parts.

Lesson on sprouts

The class begins with a short lesson on what sprouts are and how they are grown. Attendees receive a handout with useful information. Jars of grown sprouts are passed around during the lesson. This is the only portion of the class where attendees are sitting.

Sprouts tasting

The sprouts tasting is when attendees get to eat a variety of sprouts. Attendees gather around the sprouts station and sample sprouts. A wide variety of flavors and experiences are available.

Build a sprout grower

Each attendee makes their own sprout seed variety pack and takes home a sprout growing kit. Seed stations are spread out across the room.

Class details

The class is 1.5 hours long for 25 students, at a cost of $300. The number of attendees can be increased by $12 per person. All supplies are included. The class is available to all ages. Only available in Oregon and Washington.

  • Class details
  • 1.5 – 2 hour duration
  • 25 attendees
  • Cost of $300
  • Just in Oregon and Washington
  • $12 per additional attendee
  • Included in every class
  • Sprouting kit for each attendee
  • 12 types of sprout seeds
  • Jars of growing sprouts to see
  • A variety of sprouts and microgreens to eat
  • Cups and utensils
  • Printed Instructions

Are you interested in scheduling the class?

Fill out the form in the sidebar, or call Chance at (503) 893-4705. The class is available to be scheduled within 2 weeks notice. We are excited to bring the Sprouts Class to your audience.

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Meet The Instructor

chance corbeil class instructor

Chance Corbeil

Chance is a cofounder of Produce Society, a CSA farm in Portland. He teaches a variety of food and art classes, and runs a design studio.